Who we are

Who we are


Origameo is a strategic workspace advisory based on extensive data collection to help us develop your space in a way that enhances your wellbeing, collaboration and productivity.

Origameo is a service brand from the house of brands by HB Reavis. As such, the brand values should be in line with HB Reavis’ brand values.

It sounds simple, but we go way beyond basic expectations. HB Reavis’ first and foremost care as a workspace provider are the people in their buildings and their well-being.

Who we are

Brand Personality

  • We deliver messages with our core values at heart, welcoming attitude and emotions.
  • We act and write in playful but smart language with genuine passion for our services and products.
  • We prefer conversational language over official, not only to deliver the message, but bring the human aspect into it.
  • We desire to help and support people’s needs.
  • We use people’s first names, not their degrees.
  • We are enthusiastic with language and aim to bring inspiration to people.
  • We express our ideas and achievements in a trustworthy, friendly and casual voice.
  • We explain and take actions in communication if something is wrong.
  • We want to be recognised by our distinctive design and human and caring approach.

Who we are

Tone Of Voice

Our copy tone is veryimportant. It reinforces our vision and helps audiences to understand the kind of people we are. In essence, our voice is warm, deep and has a calm authority while preserving a youthful, familiar and natural quality.

  • We write in the local languages of the markets we operate in.
  • We write in British English on an international level.
  • We write only using a language’s characters and exclude those from other languages (e.g. no accents in British English).
  • We write with a smooth, precise, approachable and friendly voice.
  • We write inspirationally and subtly enthusiastically.
  • We write informally, using ‘we’ instead of ‘Origameo’ and ‘we’re’ rather than ‘we are’.
  • We write avoiding colloquialisms and over familiar language.
  • We write credibly and authentically about our services and products.
  • We write stories to communicate our ideas and achievements.
  • We write in conversational language over official, not only to deliver the message, but to bring a human aspect into it, as if it’s from person to person.
  • We write with our core principles and philosophy clearly in mind.

Who we are

Name Rules

In written communication we should use name Origameo as a proper noun, with capital “O” only. Only logo mark uses uppercase letters.

Full name: Origameo by HB Reavis

Shortened version: Origameo

Do not use initials: Origameo by HBR / OHBR

Do not use lowercase: origameo

Do not use uppercase: ORIGAMEO