Logo Wordmark

Origameo colours are colours of passion and vibrancy. Our four main colours reflect our energy, enthusiasm, warmth and passion. Purple reflexts our creativity, too.

Wherever possible, it is always prefered to use a coloured version of the logo. When using a coloured backgrounds, main or gradients, only use a white logo.

In cases where it is not possible or suitable to use a coloured version of the logo, you can use grey or white on dark backgrounds.

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Wordmark with endorsement line

Wordmark without endorsement line

Wordmark on light, dark and coloured backgrounds

Coloured wordmark

Examples of use of coloured wordmark on light and dark backgrounds.

White wordmark

Examples of use of white wordmark on coloured and dark backgrounds.

Dark grey wordmark

Examples of use of grey wordmark on light backgrounds.

Wordmark on photographic background

Only use a white or dark grey logo when using a photographic background.
Examples of use of wordmark on a photographic background.

Use with other logos



Origameo is a service brandfrom the house of brands byHB Reavis. As such, the brand values should be in line with HB Reavis’ brand values.

Always use the correct colour palette.

Our four primary colours reflect our warmth and passion. Use them at 100% opacity in general, except corporate graphs as complementary colours at 60% opacity.

Secondary colours combine with our primary colours to communicate our vibrant brand.

Primary colours


Secondary colours

Light Grey
Dark Grey

White and Black





Brand Element

The “O” shape came out from the logomark and stands out to proof brands’ wholness. It represents cycle, continuing action and constant movement. Use the “O” or its part to add texture to backgrounds and imagery.

Brand element use in primary colours for PPTX, Excel, Word or any official corporate documents. Use maximum 2 colours gradients for digital use or print creatives.

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Primary colours


Examples of use

Brand element as a part. 1/4 of “O”
Crand element as a part. 1/2 of “O”
Do use brand element as a part. Choose only 1 gradient.
Cropped “O” from one side
Cropped “O” from both sides.
Large cutout.
1/4 of “O” used with photo
1/2 of “O” used with photo
“O” used with photo.
Use 1 or max 2 plain colours.
On coloured backgrounds use brand element only in white colour.
On gradient’s use brand element in white colour or in the same primary



Brandon Grotesque’s clear, geometric style is warm and distinctive. Importantly, its sans serif typeface also enhances our engaging, open-minded personality.

Avenir is clear and nicely readable in heavier text.


Use Brandon Grotesque family typeface for Headings, Titles and Statements. For everything else, use Avenir LT Pro.

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque

Avenir LT Pro

Avenir LT Pro


In order to help our brand remain consistent around the globe, we use this simple hierarchy style as a guide.

Heading 1

Brandon Grotesque Bold, 52pt / 60pt

Heading 2

Brandon Grotesque Bold, 38pt / 54pt

Heading 3

Brandon Grotesque Bold, 30pt / 36pt

Heading 4

Brandon Grotesque Bold, 24pt / 28pt

Heading 5

Brandon Grotesque Bold, 20pt / 24pt

Heading 6

Brandon Grotesque Bold, 16pt / 20pt

Body Large, Roman

Avenir LT Pro Roman, 20pt / 32pt

Body Large, Heavy

Avenir LT Pro Heavy, 20pt / 32pt

Body Medium, Roman

Avenir LT Pro Roman, 18pt / 28pt

Body Medium, Heavy

Avenir LT Pro Heavy, 18pt / 28pt

Body Small, Roman

Avenir LT Pro Roman, 16pt / 24pt

Body Small, Heavy

Avenir LT Pro Heavy, 16pt / 24pt

Body XSmall, Roman

Avenir LT Pro Roman, 13pt / 20pt

Body XSmall, Heavy

Avenir LT Pro Heavy, 13pt / 20pt


Brandon Grotesque Regular, 28pt / 30pt

Font colours



Our icons are formed from a continuous line, reflecting our restlessness for innovations and ideas. We recommend they are used in a fun and light way, without overloading the page with too much detail.

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Line icons

UI icons




Messages that come through our photographic style are passion and team spirit. We should show life in our workspaces.

Shots sometimes illustrate excitement, about projects or the journey to their fruition; and at other times it celebrates details — as they are crucial to our success. Nothing feels staged or fake. Every shot captures a moment of natural emotion.

Construction sites: If taking photographs on construction site (project in preparation), keep in mind it sould highlights the health and safety practices, ensuring our exemplary standards are maintained. It also deals with the composition rules of any photos taken.

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Profile photography

Steer clear of images of people wearing formal business attire. Why? Because we don’t want to look overly corporate. It’s not who we are, or what we wear day-to-- day. We can still work professionally and dress stylishly without suits, ties or scarves. And don’t forget that smile and honest look is the best first contact even on photo.

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Full length examples

Square examples

Round colour examples